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Growth Innovate Conference & Mobile on Air

Join 4k+ Mobile, Growth & B2C Marketers to Make a Bottom-Line Difference in Your Growth

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The Leading Global Event for Growth Marketers & Brands

From the Growth Marketing Conference and Mobile On Air creators, Brand Growth Summit is the world’s largest gathering of B2C/D2C growth marketers, brands, and executives.

Attendees will get a front-row seat to best-in-class, industry-leading speakers and workshop instructors who will share their insights on how to drive rapid, cost-effective, and sustainable user & revenue growth in 2021 and beyond.

Brand Growth Summit will explore every corner of the growth marketing landscape, from best practices around user acquisition, engagement, retention to building a privacy-first product and facilitate long-lasting connections.

“I have attended and moderated a few panels at the Growth Marketing Conference. They have great content that's both strategic and hands-on - perfect for growth and product marketers who want to up-level their skills and career. When I learned that they are producing their first mobile and D2C growth event, I knew I had to be a part of it! ”

Adam Lovallo Founder at Thesis, Editor MAU

Featured Speakers

We have a dream team lineup of marketing and business leaders with proven success records of driving sustainable revenue growth at high-growth startups and Fortune 500 brands alike.

Mayur Gupta

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Gannett

Liz Dolinski

Chief Growth Officer Lunya

Chidi Erike

Growth and Product Executive Facebook

Jon Chang

Head of Growth Marketing Klarna

Jeanne Hopkins

Chief Revenue Officer HappyNest

Kady Srinivasan

SVP Global Head of Marketing Klaviyo

Aaron Glazer

Co-Founder & CEO Taplytics

Jason McClelland

CMO Algolia

Jeremy Lowenstein

Chief Marketing Officer MeUndies

Farhan Thawar

VP of Engineering Shopify

Matthew Sadofsky

Head of Growth Strategy Equinox

Ken Yarmosh

Partner Modus Create

Mada Seghete

Co-founder, VP Marketing and Market Development Branch

Michael Lavoie

SVP, Customer Success Airship

Matt McAllister

Head of Restaurants Marketing Yelp

Ginelle Torres

Sr. Director of Growth TOMS

Coby Berman

COO & Co-Founder Radar

Katie Shire-Engleman

Vice President, Growth & Retention Marketing Giant Eagle, Inc.

James Dunn

SVP of Marketing Operations SiriusXM
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Why Attend?

  • Learn from 30+ actionable sessions, workshops and virtual roundtables.
  • Meet and network with proven growth, product, mobile and marketing leaders from around the world with 1-to-1 hyper-targeted matchmaking.
  • Dissect case studies and growth experiments that are proven to yield hockey-stick and recession-proof results.
  • Accelerate your career or business growth in 2021!

Who Should Attend?

C-Level Executive & Growth Leader Growth Marketer Brand Marketer Mobile Marketer Product Marketer Product Manager B2C Marketer Customer Marketer Performance Marketer Web Analytics/Digital Analyst Growth Engineer & Web Developer

Themes & Topics

  • Klarna Case Study: From 500k to 12 mil MAU
  • Harnessing the Data Flywheel: Driving Product-Led Growth in Media
  • Driving Growth Through Mobile Engagement
  • Marketing & Tech Teams: Creating Better CX Together
  • Using Real-Time Data and AI to Deliver Personalized Human Experiences
  • Bridging the Physical and Digital Gap in a Post-Covid World
  • Facebook Disruptors DTC Case Study
  • The Future of eCommerce: Next Level Tools, Strategies & Tactics
  • Brand Growth with In-App Conversational Commerce
  • How Successful Advertisers Navigating the Digital Landscape & Maximizing ROI
  • Customer Prioritization is the Key to Success
  • Leveraging Analytics & A/B Testing

Join 4k+ Mobile, Growth & B2C Marketers to Make a Bottom-Line Difference in Your Growth

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